My Mrs Timeless

About us

The MMT Film Awards is an International Annually competition with a public Screening Event held in United Kingdom (LONDON) every year celebrating films and photograph from all around the world. Our mission is to discover high quality and ambitious films, to promote filmmakers’ works and to be the next step in their career. The festival is divided into two-part, FILM FESTIVAL and PHOTOGRAGHY FESTIVAL also has got their own terms and conditions. Festival take part every year in a specific date that will be confirmed through the website and social media.

MMT festival it’s a non-profit organisation, drive positive social change that advances filmmaker rights globally. MMT festival generate and run by women working in film industry and fashion, this festival aims to encourage and reward the accomplishments of like-minded filmmakers who aim to create riveting and boundary.

The MMT International Film and photography Festival selections will be judged by award-winning independent female filmmakers working in the industry. All our MMT International finalists get their place in the official website catalogue. All of our finalists (filmmakers, photographers) are automatically running for our AWARDS AND PRIZES.